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Heritages and Museums

The Huellas de Acahualinca Museum is located at west of Managua, in the eponymous Acahualinca town. The museum was founded in 1953 by Nicaraguan scientist Leonor Martínez, later in 1989, was rescued, restored and fitted out with the support of “ASDI” and the Historical Museum of Sweden. In addition to footprints, the museum features a small collection of pottery and other items of archaeological interest from several sites in Nicaragua.

Since the end of the 19th century, the National Museum of Nicaragua has been constituted as the largest and one of the most important centers of art and culture exhibition in the country. Today, settled in a building that is itself a national historical monument, this institution opens daily the doors of its rooms that exhibit from prehistoric bones and pre-Columbian ceramics with 4,000 years old, to the most current pieces of art in painting and modern sculpture.

The Rubén Darío Museum (Museo Rubén Darío) is dedicated to the famous poet, writer, and ambassador who brought modernismo to Spanish literature. A must for poetry fans, this León museum is also a good choice for those curious about Nicaraguan history—the museum offers an intimate look at 19th-century upper-class life in Nicaragua.